A family photoshoot with Teenagers in Kent

I think about 80% of my family sessions are with children 10 and under. I guess thats because until then they go along with what you do and are less likely to want to be with their friends rather than their parents ! Its so lovely then when families come along with teenage children, even if they are not at all up for it to begin with, its so great to see how a family connect and enjoy their time together during a hours photo session.

If you’ve read the ‘tear jerker’ poem the last time, yo’ll make you think that time just goes past so quick and its such a great idea to capture all the moments in your children lives before they leave home & start lives of their own !

The thing is, you won’t even know it’s the last time

until there are no more times, and even then,

it will take you a while to realise.

So while you are living in these times,

remember there are only so many of them and

when they are gone,

you will yearn for just one more day of them

For one last time.


Family Photography – Extended Family Session

I love these photo sessions ! Where 3 or more generations get involved to make some memories together and generally just have a few hours, Its usually taken ages to organise so when the family does get together its really special. These photos were taken where the 3 siblings had grown up and where their parents had actually built the house ! Such a lovely family and all the cousins played so nicely together.

Family Photography, Kent. Family shoot with teenage children.

I really love photographing families, watching them interact and enjoy time together and they are nearly always young families hoping to capture a special time in their life that goes by so quickly ! This family session below was equally as special. Its may sometimes be difficult to pin down your teenage children or even tear them away from their friends, device, Netflix, [insert another hobby here] but if you can it can be such a wonderful thing to share an hours company with each other. Even if it feels awkward at first at least you’re all together, having a laugh and making some memories.

Grab those teenagers and capture this time in your life together, even if you do have to bribe them !!

How to get some answers from your child after school.

We all now know that ‘What did you get up to today at school’ is answered with

” I don’t know ” or  ” Nothing ”

So since Jude has started school I’ve been attempting to come up with some different questions to ask when I collect him from school so it makes it fun for us to talk about his day.

Who made you laugh today ?

I love this one as it always starts with a giggle and a little story about something funny that has happened at school that day. It always then seems to lead onto something else.

Can you teach me about? I don’t know much about [insert subject here]

So J and I had a great discussion on the way back from school about Bullying because I said i didn’t know much about it and could he teach me. He felt very grown up and did question whether i’d even been to school !! but the fact that he felt like he was teaching me led to much more chit chat from him !

Whats the best thing about today?

Always nice to know. Usually its answered with playtime or snack time but it can lead to other things !!

Has anything made you sad?

Any answers to this one will give you a chance to discuss anything that may have happened that has upset them and how things can be resolved – We’ve had quite a few conversations recently about making good choices and not following the crowd or in fact leading the crowd !!

Lets guess what might happen tomorrow…

At least you may get some idea of whats happening during the week !


Using some of these has certainly helped with more of a discussion than just asking ‘what did you do today’, not always. Sometimes he just comes out, eyes wide, in a daze and I know just to hand him a snack and walk home.

Blossom turns 5

For those who have been following me for a while will have seen this little girl pop up a fair few times in my gallery. This is her 3rd consecutive yearly photo shoot and its amazing to see how much she’s grown and changed over the years. Hope you enjoy this mini autumn shoot with Blossom and her lovely mum & dad.

Engagement Photography, Kent. Paul & Rachel

Rachel & Paul were childhood sweethearts and will now be saying their ‘I do’s’ next April. I’m so honoured to be capturing their day for them.

Wedding Photography Gemma & Joe at Cooling Castle Barn, Rochester, KENT

I was so pleased to be asked to photograph the Wedding of Gemma & Joe. I’ve known Gemma for quite a while and we worked together in my ‘previous’ life so I felt so honoured that she’d trusted me to capture their Wedding day. The whole day took place at Cooling Castle Barn, Rochester. It began in the beautiful bridal party suite which was so stylish and perfect for getting ready for your Wedding Day. All the bridesmaids were so lovely & fun and obviously loved Gemma to bits ! The two barns at Cooling Castle are stunning and were the perfect place for Gemma & Joe to make their vows and become husband & wife. We had fun out in the field afterwards with the Castle Behind us it all felt very Grand ! Please enjoy the photos & I hope it captures the essence of their day.