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romantic | authentic | timeless

These three words would describe my Family & Wedding photography. I try to capture real emotions and intimate moments whether that be on your Wedding day or at your family session. Nothing is too posed, just time in your favourite places with your favourite people. I try to capture real life and document these moments as they’re happening in front of my eyes so you can look back and remember that time or moment. This means I capture exactly what is happening on the day.

The result will be authentic but not always perfect or Uniform as life rarely is!

I am Hannah. based in  Tunbridge Wells, Kent with my wonderful family. my husband and i are raising three boys, 4 & under ! they inspire me, they’ve inspired my business and they make me want to capture special moments for our family and for yours.

Photo by Vicki Knights Photography

i’d love you to be able to print your pictures and frame them on your walls and enable you to look at them for years to come. nothing is too forced, too ‘arty’ or posed. it’s about you, your family and i hope to capture ‘real life’ so its always good to bring snack (bribes!) and plenty of patience. I can cope with tantrums & hungry children so nothing is rushed, we can just take our time & go with the flow!

please have a look around my site and see if you’d like to work with me or contact me here to book a session xoxo

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