How to get some answers from your child after school.

We all now know that ‘What did you get up to today at school’ is answered with

” I don’t know ” or  ” Nothing ”

So since Jude has started school I’ve been attempting to come up with some different questions to ask when I collect him from school so it makes it fun for us to talk about his day.

Who made you laugh today ?

I love this one as it always starts with a giggle and a little story about something funny that has happened at school that day. It always then seems to lead onto something else.

Can you teach me about? I don’t know much about [insert subject here]

So J and I had a great discussion on the way back from school about Bullying because I said i didn’t know much about it and could he teach me. He felt very grown up and did question whether i’d even been to school !! but the fact that he felt like he was teaching me led to much more chit chat from him !

Whats the best thing about today?

Always nice to know. Usually its answered with playtime or snack time but it can lead to other things !!

Has anything made you sad?

Any answers to this one will give you a chance to discuss anything that may have happened that has upset them and how things can be resolved – We’ve had quite a few conversations recently about making good choices and not following the crowd or in fact leading the crowd !!

Lets guess what might happen tomorrow…

At least you may get some idea of whats happening during the week !


Using some of these has certainly helped with more of a discussion than just asking ‘what did you do today’, not always. Sometimes he just comes out, eyes wide, in a daze and I know just to hand him a snack and walk home.

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