5 Photo challenges that you can start today with your kiddies !

1 The Monthly photo challenge

I’ve been doing this one for a couple of years, each month I pull together a selection of photos for the month and put them together in a 9 aperture collage. Its been so fun to see whats happening that month as i’ve usually forgotten and then its so fun to look back on the past months and put them all together to see what a great year we’ve had so far and see all the adventures we’ve had as a family. I upload this onto instagram and use the #robertsonfamilycollage. Make sure you use a # that no one else has used so you can keep track of your family fun ! You can then go onto one of the printing app, like ‘chapbooks’ and use your hashtag to print your monthly grids.

2 Every month for the first year

I did this one really religiously with Jonah (2nd child!) and even took this Zebra rug everywhere with me ! If i knew we’d be away for his monthly anniversary then i’d take the rug with me !! but i’m, SO glad i did ! I love looking back at this and watching him grow. I have not however been so good at keeping track of Noah growing and have missed last months photo ! I’ll have to catch up this month !

3 The Weekly siblings

I’ve loved this one and seeing the changes. Noah was born end of last year and thats when I thought i’d start this challenge. It certainly doesn’t happen every week but I do it when I remember and I love the result so far ! I’m looking forward to printing all of these at the end of this year or making them into a photo book ! This one you could start whenever you like and just do it over the next year. Its so fun seeing how they change and how their relationships change over the year !


4 A day in the life

Every time i’ve attempted this one its failed miserably as i’ve forgotten but the aim is to take a photo of what you’re doing with you family every hour for a whole day and then collage them together to get a picture of your day ! Its so hard to remember and its amazing how quickly the hours go by ! I have once managed a ‘day in the life blog’ that you can see here – I have filmed another one but not yet got round to editing it however I love the first one and so glad i did it !!

Same place | different times

What it says on the tin ! I chose the kitchen, and when i remember I take a photo of whoever is in the kitchen to remember all the different things we do together and remind me of all the people who have spent time with us in the kitchen. This one i will definitely make into a book at some point as it really makes me smile.

I hope this inspires you to get your camera or camera phone out and start snapping today ! Please come & find me on my Photography instagram

One Comment on “5 Photo challenges that you can start today with your kiddies !

  1. I love the idea of making the collages – I really need to print some of my family photos and you have inspired me to do this! Lovely website and blog. Really like your style and photographs 🙂

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