Camping with 3 little Boys under 4 ! In East Sussex

SO this year we decided to buy a tent ! Took a trip up to Decathlon and frantically bought anything and everything we could find in the camping section.  All the gear & No idea ! We

In doing so we thought we’d better book a campsite and try a couple of nights camping with the boys. Our car was more full for 2 days camping than if we were going away for a month ! We had visions of toasting marshmallows, sitting out in the sunshine on our camping chairs whilst the boys ran around & played happily ! We headed to Park Farm in East Sussex. A great all round campsite, huge open fields, cafe (for when all your meat has gone off !) pretty nice showers and a play park !

I managed to put the tent up with my Dad (Not sure how Mark got out of this ) and have the the littles running around. Mark and I had already practiced and had the arguments before arriving at the campsite so I knew what to do ! Mark arrived in the evening to the BBQ and all boys grubby but happy !

So this first trip was pretty unsuccessful although looking through the photos now brings back some lovely memories ! ALL the boys were ill and coughed all night and we were in a tent, on blow up beds, with all 3 crying and coughing all over us. Tip No.1 don’t go if you’re not all tip top !  However they all look pretty happy here and we soon forgot and booked another camping trip, infact we did three all in all this summer and they got better and better.

  • bring wine – plenty more than you think you’ll need
  • don’t be ill
  • have blow up matresses
  • have more covers & blankets than you need
  • bring wine

7 Comments on “Camping with 3 little Boys under 4 ! In East Sussex

  1. I love a camping trip too. It’s a lot of effort with kiddies but well worth it once all set up.m with all the gear! Great photos xx

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