Letter to Jude. 3.10

Jude. Darling Jude. As you approach your 4th birthday I thought I would write you a letter. You have been my photography inspiration since you arrived in June 2013 and so it is only fair that I credit the growth of my business to you ! Thank you for standing still (ish) so i can capture moments. Even if I do have to bribe you with a custard cream !!

Jude you are fearless. There is not much you won’t do and your sense of humour is far beyond your years. You make us laugh everyday. Its hard to remember life before you came along. Was it quiet & peaceful ? How did we fill our days? I can’t even remember !! Now you’re a big brother twice over and you amaze me how gentle you are with Noah even though you roll around like bear cubs and giggle (and fight)  with Jonah.

I love how confident you are, you don’t mind going up to someone and telling them who you are and starting a game. You must have got this from your dad !  Even though you are struggling at the moment with a stammer it doesn’t seem to faze you and you will keep going until you get that sentence out ! Fearless.

We haven’t slept much for the past 4 years, but you and your little brothers are worth every dark ring under our eyes ! You are wild & free spirited and never afraid to tell me how you feel. Please always do that. Lets never stop talking to each other ! You wear me out, sometimes exhaust me but you’re a boy bursting with personality and that infectious laugh will carry you far my baby.

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